Young Topologists Meeting 2023

The Young Topologists Meeting (YTM) is an annual event for graduate students, recent PhDs and other junior researchers in topology (both pure and applied). The meeting is intended as an opportunity for young researchers in topology to meet each other and share their work. Previous editions were organised by the University of Copenhagen and by the University of Copenhagen jointly by Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology, and the EPFL.

YTM 2023 will be held at EPFL, Lausanne, CH July 24 – 28.

In addition to short talks by the participants, the program included two lecture series by:

  • Marc Hoyois (University of Regensburg)
  • Katharine Turner (The Australian National University)


The event will be held July 24 – 28. The deadline for registration is March 31.


The Registration is now open. The deadline is March 31.


The Organizing Committee

  • Nicolas Berkouk
  • Hadrian Heine
  • Henry Kirveslahti
  • Samuel Lavenir
  • Kelly Maggs
  • Victor Roca i Lucio
  • Bernadette Stolz

Organised in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute.